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Telefonica year one million new users to the local FTTH

Voice era gradually toward the end, carriers urgent need to reconstruct their own business, network

[2015-09-21 00:09:13]

TE announced zQSFP+ product line supports 25Gbps

zQSFP+ product and QSFP / QSFP+ cables and modules are compatible to achieve the upgrade from 10Gbps

[2015-09-18 00:13:10]

Rise of the data center to the optical device manufacturers to bring great opportunities

Optical communication devices as the most basic support, has been playing a pivotal role. Currently

[2015-09-15 20:52:35]

Chinese broadband users scale up to 208 million

In April this year the first quarter economic situation in the forum, Premier Li Keqiang has urged t

[2015-09-13 20:12:35]

Changzhou mobile optical module project Central Purchasing released

China Mobile Changzhou branch announced yesterday the Central Purchasing optical module project anno

[2015-09-11 00:31:12]

China is gradually increasing demand for 100G module

If last year's 100G more in the show, then at CIOE2015 Jie Wo invite you to personally test experien

[2015-09-08 20:46:08]

China Telecom 2015 Central Purchasing PON equipment

Recently, China Telecom PON equipment (2015) Central Purchasing results were out, Huawei, FiberHome,

[2015-09-06 20:47:16]

NG-PON market to erupt yet

Today there is an article in Lightreading ZTE performed well recently, and one of the reasons is tha

[2015-09-02 00:11:24]

SiFotonics silicon photonics technology breakthrough progress

SiFotonics company recently achieved in the field of silicon photonics the decisive breakthrough

[2015-08-31 00:09:24]

Alcatel-Lucent to build 14,200km submarine cable system in South America

Alcatel-Lucent's submarine cable subsidiary ASN and Marine Networks recently signed a cooperation ag

[2015-08-27 20:13:25]

Huawei help the world's first large-scale test 5G

By the Royal Dutch Telecom (KPN), Ericsson, Huawei and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific R

[2015-08-26 00:41:52]

MIT achieve 3D printing can produce high-quality glass fiber

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Friday announced a new 3D printing metho

[2015-08-23 19:54:59]

2015 global cable market will reach $10 billion

CRU expects 2015 global cable market will reach $10 billion. Strong growth in the Asia-Pacific regio

[2015-08-21 00:32:32]

IHS said the second quarter of optical network hardware market growth of 22% qoq

Market research firm IHS Innfoetics latest optical network hardware market, the report said the glob

[2015-08-18 22:00:18]

TWDM PON steering early commercial development cost is the biggest challenge

Market research firm Ovum analyst Julie Kunstler represented, TWDM PON are turning to commercial fro

[2015-08-17 00:07:17]

Avago introduced high-speed data center with 40G BiDi MMF QSFP + optical modules

For wired, wireless, storage, and industrial applications of analog interface components supplier

[2015-08-13 21:34:07]

U Mobile and ZTE jointly develop pre-5G technology

ZTE recently with Malaysian operator U Mobile reached an agreement to work together to develop pre-5

[2015-08-11 22:04:36]

TE initiated the establishment Micro QSFP MSA

TE et 12 optical modules, electrical chip and system vendors today jointly launched a new MSA called

[2015-08-09 20:56:58]

Europe's first TWDM-PON technology existing network test

Alcatel-Lucent and Vodafone recently launched Europe's first live network trial TWDM-PON ultra-broad

[2015-08-06 21:08:51]

Ethernet switch will accelerate growth in the data center

In recent years, with the acceleration of the development of (mobile) Internet, cloud computing and

[2015-08-04 21:57:01]

2019 global broadband access market will reach $12 billion

According to Dell'Oro predicts that the global broadband access market, including PON, DSL and Cable

[2015-08-02 20:56:57]

In 2014 the number of Asian FTTH breaking 300 million up by 36.8%

Leading telecommunications research institute IDATE today announced that, as of December 2014, the n

[2015-07-30 20:36:11]

Telx announced it has joined Google Faster undersea fiber optic cable construction

US data center service provider Telx company recently announced that Google will be involved in the

[2015-07-28 21:02:31]

Canada requires open FTTH network for competitive carriers

Canadian telecommunications regulators Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission CRTC

[2015-07-26 20:26:30]

Why enterprises should deploy POL Passive Optical LAN?

With the development of telecommunication networks and broadband access technology, GPON, EPON has b

[2015-07-23 21:30:04]