TWDM PON steering early commercial development cost is the biggest challenge

2015-08-17 00:07:17

Market research firm Ovum analyst Julie Kunstler represented, TWDM PON are turning to commercial from the early laboratory tests, the recent Japanese Energia Communications Inc. (Energia) announced the adoption of Alcatel-Lucent solutions for field test will provide the proof. This announcement and Ovum and parts and equipment suppliers to discuss the conclusions unanimously.


Ovum is expected, with a number of telecom operators from the test site deployment steering, TWDM PON sales will begin in 2017. Although these aspects of optical components deployed in ports and devices are very small amounts, but they are indicative of the operators we are assessing future bandwidth needs of residential and non-residential customers and applications.


Energia select TWDM PON as a point of difference with competitors, Japan other operators are to 10G EPON, 10G GPON development. Although Energia initially deploy a single 10G wavelength symmetrical, but over time, additional wavelength can pay (Pay-As-You-Grow) added via TWDM PON architecture demand. Energia's TWDM PON network is using the same network as their 1G EPON ODN, the company plans to use TWDM PON for non-residential services, such as wholesale and mobile backhaul (MBH).


Ovum believes that other carriers may follow Energia practice, that skips 10G PON deployment and direct steering TWDM PON. Telecom operators including Energia, including such smaller operators, has seen support for non-residential services from potential revenue streams. As a cable network operator, Energia can offer MBH services, while carriers such as Vodafone, you can use MBH TWDM PON to support internal demand. Vodafone is also currently being tested TWDM PON.


The biggest challenge facing TWDM PON is tunable optical costs. The cost of a GPON ONT transceiver / BOSA is about $10, compared to a symmetric TWDM PON 10G tunable ONT transceiver will have cost hundreds of dollars. PON optical providers and equipment vendors are of technology to reduce costs, but in the short term, TWDM PON will gather in higher ARPU non-residential applications.