TE announced zQSFP+ product line supports 25Gbps

2015-09-18 00:13:10

TE Connectivity today announced that its zQSFP+ product line supports 25Gbps rates. zQSFP+ modules and conventional QSFP program transmission rates higher than 2.5 times. TE claims to have the industry's largest and most comprehensive zQSFP+ product line.


zQSFP+ product and QSFP / QSFP+ cables and modules are compatible to achieve the upgrade from 10Gbps to 25Gbps of. Meanwhile, in the 10Gbps rate, zQSFP+ also achieve better performance. Entire zQSFP+ product line, whether behind or thru Bezel housing includes a selection of different lightpipe and enthusiasm, users can easily design flexibility.


Lucas Benson TE product manager, said their zQSFP + interconnect solutions ideally suited for 100G Ethernet, 100G InfiniBand and other applications, and other existing support QSFP+ transport protocol. Higher rates make zQSFP+ connector to connect performance to a new level.


TE's zQSFP+ connector main features include:
Four-channel 25+Gbps rate;
Until 25Gbps superior EMI protection;
At higher speed 10Gbps link loss budget.