Rise of the data center to the optical device manufacturers to bring great opportunities

2015-09-15 20:52:35

Optical communication devices as the most basic support, has been playing a pivotal role. Currently scale data centers rise, but also to the optical device manufacturers to bring new markets.


Currently optical device how global industrial development scale? Optical device to predict how the next few years the global market?


2014, the global optical components market size reached 7.39 billion US dollars, is expected to grow 5% in 2015, increased to $ 7.77 billion. From 2014 to 2020, the compound annual growth rate of 9% of the global optical components, Ovum predicts that by 2020, the optical device will be a size of $ 12.3 billion market.


Currently 100G has scale deployments, 100G demand is very strong for optical devices. In addition, the data center has become the fastest growing market of optical devices market.


Chinese market occupies what position in the development of optical devices market?


China has been developing access market has played a significant role. 2014, passive optical network transceiver shipments of about about 66 million, most of which is used to China, or by Chinese suppliers of optical components.


Chinese enterprises in the field of optical devices is still in a weak, vulnerable Chinese optical components business development is reflected in where? Chinese enterprises to become bigger and stronger optical devices?


Chinese optical components market has many vendors, optical component market volume is very large. Thus, customers will be able to depress prices to the detriment of optical components supplier. In this case, the optical device manufacturers should develop a reasonable business, and have the ability to integrate the entire industry, which will help manufacturers become bigger and stronger.


The rise of today's data centers, to what kind of optical device development opportunities?


Data centers are the optical device to play one of the best manufacturers market their products advantages. At present, some vendors can purchase components directly from the transceiver supplier, this behavior changed the market dynamics. Rising data center is the optical device manufacturers a good market, but it is also difficult to grasp the opportunity. But to seize the data center market optical device manufacturers will be very successful.