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Is it better to own or outsource your data center?

Once it was standard for organisations to own and operate their own data centers. But a number of fa

[2014-02-19 20:27:45]

Hybrid Clouds, File Sync Will Build Momentum in 2014

2013 was certainly an eventful year for the data center. Data center hubs continued to proliferate e

[2014-02-17 19:51:35]

In 2014, Build Your Business Model Around Your Data Center

New technologies have emerged over the past few years that have elevated the value of the modern dat

[2014-02-14 10:30:46]

Can the Cloud Save Small Business Owners Money? How?

When it comes to saving money with cloud computing, the benefits for small businesses outweigh the d

[2014-02-11 21:29:33]

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Cloud Career and IT Skill Set

It’s early 2014 and what have you done to progress your IT career? Technology is moving at a scorchi

[2014-02-09 23:18:42]

Dell Plans Global Network of Cloud Data Centers

Computing giant Dell is deploying a fleet of 10 data centers around the world to host cloud computin

[2014-01-26 21:38:20]

Five Great Ways to Optimize Your Data Center

It’s a new year and once again data center professionals are looking at new ways to make their infra

[2014-01-25 00:54:24]

Preparing for DCIM in 2014: Best Practices for Getting It Right

In 2014, many organizations will implement DCIM for the first time or expand or replace their existi

[2014-01-22 23:03:29]

Top 5 Data Center Stories

Modular Data Centers: Adoption, Competition Heat Up in 2014 – Will 2014 finally be the breakout year

[2014-01-21 00:11:01]

Cloud 2014: Top 10 Trends to Watch in The Year Ahead

Cloud computing is more than just a buzzword. It’s a mega-trend that has become an umbrella term for

[2014-01-16 20:03:45]

How to Best Control a Private Cloud Environment

Cloud computing technologies have presented an entirely new 

[2014-01-14 00:36:20]

VMware Drives Software-Defined Data Center Vision Forward

Celebrating its 10th annual event this year, VMworld took over San Francisco Monday, as VMware unvei

[2013-10-07 20:37:18]

5 Questions to Ask About Your 10Gbe Data Center

 Virtualization, cloud computing, and a distribute infrastructure has greatly increased the dem

[2013-08-31 10:00:00]

How to Build a Zero Downtime Data Center Network

  The modern data center has evolved far beyond the standard one-to-one server environment

[2013-08-30 11:38:34]

Amazon’s Customer Win Trinity: Startup, Enterprise, Big Data

 There’s been a flurry of cloud news in the past few months, including industry continued price

[2013-08-29 14:17:47]

Rackspace survey: Hybrid cloud is future for three in five enterprises

 You can’t move at the moment for surveys advocating the importance of hybrid cloud strategy –

[2013-08-28 16:30:18]

Google Strengthens Compute Engine With Load Balancing

 Backed by a sprawling, massive global data center footprint and a strong developer ecosystem,

[2013-08-27 14:34:55]

Rackspace Study: Hybrid is the Culmination of Cloud Journeys

 A survey from Rackspace Hosting suggests that the hybrid cloud future is so bright it has to w

[2013-08-26 10:11:10]

US cloud industry set to lose up to $35bn because of PRISM

 According to a report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), the re

[2013-08-24 11:45:57]

When to Use Cloud Computing to Replicate

 In deploying a cloud computing model, organizations have many options. One cloud computing sol

[2013-08-23 10:56:58]

OpenStack Storage Gets Boost With Riak Compatibility

 The OpenStack cloud platform got a boost today with the news that Basho Technologies has added

[2013-08-22 16:30:57]

The hows and whys of moving your contact centre to the cloud

 The key responsibility of the CIO is to ensure an organisation has the technology it needs to

[2013-08-21 17:28:35]

NASA’s cloud computing efforts “need strengthening”, says report

 NASA’s roadmap towards utilising cloud computing needs a serious rethink, according to an offi

[2013-08-21 17:28:04]

What You Need to Know About Security Intelligence with Big Data

 Amplifying security intelligence with big data Leading security intelligence solutions today r

[2013-08-20 10:27:16]

G-Cloud 4 opens its doors for next round of tenders

 The Cabinet Office has announced that the fourth iteration of the UK government cloud, G-Cloud

[2013-08-19 11:26:25]