Chinese broadband users scale up to 208 million

2015-09-13 20:12:35

In April this year the first quarter economic situation in the forum, Premier Li Keqiang has urged to raise speed down network costs.


According to the official release of the program in May of this year, in 2015 China will add 200 million 4G users, add fiber to the home broadband users to 40 million, and over the use of 8Mbps broadband users access rate accounted for 55%. In the fixed network, this year to add 80 million users to fiber covering; in the mobile network, the new station more than 600,000.


Yesterday, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Information and Communication Development Division Chen Jiachun said that most of the goals proposed by the special action has been completed. Chen Jiachun said that at present China's broadband subscribers reached 208 million; fiber to the home of 94 million, more than 75 percent over the previous year. As of July, 8Mbps accounting for more than one user is close to 56%, becoming the dominant user groups.


The official plan to 2017 to make 4G network covering urban and rural areas, most of the city fiber optic network to achieve full coverage, mobile broadband population penetration approaching moderately developed countries.