Alcatel-Lucent to build 14,200km submarine cable system in South America

2015-08-27 20:13:25

Alcatel-Lucent's submarine cable subsidiary ASN and Marine Networks recently signed a cooperation agreement on the Ocean Networks South Pacific submarine cable system SAPL expansion project.


Under the agreement, Alcatel-Lucent will build connecting Panama and Florida submarine cable network SAPL extension cord, Hawaii and South America to achieve trans-Pacific connection, submarine cable length of nearly 3,000 kilometers from the original extended to 14,200 kilometers.


Extension cords is called the South American submarine cable network Caribbean Express Line (SAPL CX), it landed in northern Florida, connected to Miami, Florida, Oahu Island, Balboa and Santiago de Chile.


Alcatel-Lucent represented, SAPL submarine cable system construction of an extension cord is to meet the growing demand for ultra-wideband Pacific Rim, strengthen the role of regional economic development in the digital connection. In addition, through the construction of the submarine cable system will also branches connecting Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, northern Chile and Hawaii's Big Island.