NG-PON market to erupt yet

2015-09-02 00:11:24

Today there is an article in Lightreading ZTE performed well recently, and one of the reasons is that global cooperation agreement, ZTE and Telefonica. In this agreement, there is a special mention: "It will deepen bilateral cooperation in areas such as next-generation network innovations, based on the development of ultra high-speed broadband technology GPON, the fiber-optic network to provide high flexibility, high-capacity transmission solutions, and using VoLTE and microwave transmission technology to provide clearer, richer voice communications services. "


LR article says, the emphasis on fixed-line broadband is particularly meaningful. This may be said that, after years of development of mobile broadband, operators finally starting to focus on the construction of the fixed-line broadband pipeline. Fixed-line broadband to Gigabit broadband, as well as mobile backhaul areas plays an important role.


In fact in Europe and the Americas, for next-generation fixed broadband technology attention have been major carriers on the agenda. Lightwave recently reported that Verizon will carry NG PON commercial deployment early next year. After they have been successfully using Cisco and other equipment for the experiment. In Spain, last week Orange also uses ZTE's XG PON equipment to achieve interconnection of mobile base stations. Orange objective of this experiment is to promote mobile backhaul and SME customers high-speed symmetrical broadband services development. ZTE NG PON2 think the next generation PON technology is gradually maturing, will in the next 2-3 years to scale deployments.


The same in Spain, Huawei and Telefonica were also based on the NG PON1 XG PON testing. Spain is emerging as Huawei, ZTE in the field of NG PON contest another game. The final outcome of this contest is that, NG PON may be sooner than we think towards commercialization. Indeed, Alcatel-Lucent, Calix and many other vendors in this field should be more optimistic.