China is gradually increasing demand for 100G module

2015-09-08 20:46:08

If last year's 100G more in the show, then at CIOE2015 Jie Wo invite you to personally test experience, Jie Wo joint test instrument module manufacturers dynamic business presentation worthy of us to learn. Jie Wo CFP2 module has the size of shipments, CFP4 module can quickly scale shipments.


Jie Wo compared to the dynamic presentation, Hisense Broadband is the exhibition 100G modules of the whole enterprise, Hisense Broadband not only shows CFP2, CFP4 module, and shows QSFP28 product, it is said, Hisense Broadband also shows a high rate of 600G products.


In addition, Gigalight, etc. exhibited extreme Hing-100G of CFP2 and CFP4 modules. Sources pointed out that China Mobile purchase 100G optical module directly to the device business, although the number is still small, but also demonstrate operators trust and urgent need for China 100G module.