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Data center market will show massive change over the next two years

Four major factors will bring about dramatic change in the data center market by the end of 2016The

[2014-09-11 21:45:11]

IBM’s Cognitive Computing System Watson Available As A Cloud Service

IBM’s cognitive computing system Watson is now available as a cloud service.Called Watson Discovery

[2014-09-01 04:17:02]

Optical transceiver market to grow 50 percent by?2017

The optical transceiver market will grow to US $5.1bn in 2017. Stronger traffic growth could have a

[2014-08-29 04:25:15]

Optimizing Power Distribution for Higher Density

Fueled by the rapid rise of technologies such as virtualization and blade servers, computing densiti

[2014-08-28 04:25:06]

Data Center Cooling Done Differently

Over the last 10 years, there has been considerable innovation in data center cooling. Large operato

[2014-08-25 01:32:53]

The Five Year Plan Your Network Needs

Like everything from starting a business to building a house, true success doesn’t happen overnight.

[2014-06-26 23:47:53]

How Big Data Changes the Way We Relate

Big Data is already changing the way research is done – from weather reports to highly progressive c

[2014-06-24 22:41:40]

From Alimama to Apsara, Alibaba Operates a Powerful Proprietary Cloud

Chinese e-commerce and cloud services giant Alibaba has developed an advanced proprietary technology

[2014-06-20 02:05:40]

Moving From Cloud Back to Data Center – Not as Easy as You May Think

What if you went down the cloud path and realized it was a mistake? What if you deployed a massive d

[2014-06-17 04:09:55]

Apple Coalesces Cloud Services with New iCloud Drive and Airdrop Sharing

Apple’s iCloud Drive takes Dropbox head on. Launched at WWDC 2014, iCloud Drive resembles Dropbox wi

[2014-06-11 20:23:20]

Some typical Cloud Storage use cases

Clustered application file sharingMany applications must run in a clustered configuration that provi

[2014-06-09 22:01:37]

Five Reasons your Data Center’s (ACE) Availability, Capacity & Efficiency are being Compromised

Data center owner-operators are increasingly looking for solutions to minimize total cost of ownersh

[2014-06-05 20:43:16]

Problem: Adding Servers Without Concern For Cooling

Adding capacity is one of the methods to use to curtail any hot spots, but that’s just a big-hammer

[2014-06-04 01:13:11]

HP Rolls Out Government Flavor of Helion Private Cloud Services

HP announced a new set of cloud infrastructure services targeted at government agencies.Helion Manag

[2014-05-28 22:01:50]

Static Beauty of Cloud Infrastructure Across Three Screens

As cloud computing permeates more and more of our lives, artists increasingly attempt to understand

[2014-05-26 20:56:41]

Intel Launches Performance Monitoring Software for OpenStack Clouds

Intel has added another member to what is now the Data Center Manager family of products, announcing

[2014-05-22 22:55:30]

HP to Rent Out Custom Modular Data Centers

HP introduced a new way for customers to use the various modular data center products it offers.Call

[2014-05-20 22:09:23]

Alibaba’s Cloud Business Expands With Hong Kong Data Center

AliCloud, the cloud services arm of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group, has launched a data center

[2014-05-18 21:00:19]

What’s New with Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has seen some advancements in the recent years, and it is for the benefit of the peo

[2014-05-16 19:47:14]

3 Reasons Why Hybrid Cloud is the Next Go-To Big Data Storage Solution

EMC World is in full swing in Las Vegas, and the titular company kicked off the four day conference

[2014-05-14 21:33:13]

5 tips to get started with big data

Learn what it is, and what it is not. While we are all comfortable with the concept of data, why the

[2014-05-12 21:19:27]

6 big data trends in 2014

Data are being generated by every device imaginable. Big data are arriving from multiple sources at

[2014-05-08 22:02:27]

Alibaba’s Cloud Subsidiary Opens Beijing Data Center

While all the hype is around Alibaba’s upcoming IPO, the company’s cloud computing subsidiary Aliyun

[2014-05-06 23:02:37]

What Separates One Data Center from the Next? The People!

It’s hard for one company to say its data centers are better than the competition’s down the road bu

[2014-05-04 21:17:41]

How Amazon Stays On Top in the Cloud Wars

Amazon Web Services was the first major player in cloud computing, and has maintained its clear lead

[2014-04-28 21:52:20]