Canada requires open FTTH network for competitive carriers

2015-07-26 20:26:30

Canadian telecommunications regulators Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission CRTC ruling Box dominant operators must compete with other telecom operators in the wholesale business in the form of a shared FTTH network architecture. The move will further promote competition in Canada's high-speed fiber-optic broadband.

In accordance with the requirements of the CRTC, Canada's dominant carrier must be within three years of competitive operators provide more convenient access, including an increase close to the user's access point. Prior to competing Canadian carriers typically only place to get close to the user far less dominant carriers access point resources.

CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais said that with Canada deeper into the digital economy, Canadians need more high-speed broadband networks. This decision will help to promote competition in the broadband sector in Canada, prompting the Canadian carriers at a reasonable price to introduce more innovative services. At the same time, CRTC would like to see the operators continue to invest in network construction, including investment fiber optic network. In the United States, it is not the dominant fiber optic broadband network operators must open the occasion. This policy directly contributed to the construction of Verizon's FiOS. Canada's leading operators have warned that this policy could harm their investments in FTTH networks.