Telx announced it has joined Google Faster undersea fiber optic cable construction

2015-07-28 21:02:31

US data center service provider Telx company recently announced that Google will be involved in the construction to build the trans-Pacific submarine cable system Faster, to provide data center services.


This month, the data center service provider Digital Realty Trust agreed to acquire New York-based company hosting provider Telx. Telx company manages 1.3 million square feet of data center space, but the owner himself only 20 data centers among three data centers, 11 are leased from Digital Realty, and the remaining six are from third-party lease. Moreover, there is no data centers in the Asia Pacific region this 20 data centers.


Google teamed Singapore Telecom, China Telecom, China Mobile, France Global Transit, KDDI in Japan and other cost $300 million to build this connection in Japan and the United States trans-Pacific submarine cable system --Faster advantage of the latest high-six pairs of cables and fiber optic technology, the first Design of the bandwidth will reach 60Tb/s (100Gb/s x 100 wavelengths x 6 fiber).


It is reported that the submarine cable system, once operational, will help Telx to expand its data center operations to Asia, but also can help Asian companies would like to expand into North America, and significantly reduce operating costs through globalization.