Huawei help the world's first large-scale test 5G

2015-08-26 00:41:52

By the Royal Dutch Telecom (KPN), Ericsson, Huawei and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (TNO) have signed together, will work together in the northern Dutch town of Groningen Loppersum and surrounding rural areas test the world's first ultra-high-speed mobile network 5G.


The world's first large-scale test of independence 5G


While in South Korea and Finland have tested small-scale 5G, but they are located in urban areas and in rural Holland this test needs to cover a relatively wide range, it can also become a separate test area, to prevent interference with other networks.


5G high-speed network to accelerate networking applications


5G high-speed mobile phone network will not only allow for high-speed Internet access, but also provides quick links to information networking, such as unmanned self-propelled vehicles and agricultural tractors, home or the washing machine and dryer, TNO's Gjalt Loots make described above. In addition, high-speed mobile networks can also play an important role for the remote care, in order to cope with more and more need for an independent life, life expectancy is getting longer and longer in the elderly.


We hope 5G high-speed network to bring new investment opportunities


"The main purpose 5G test is to attract global companies can go to the northern province of Groningen for more 5G application testing, or investment 5G tech applications." Groningen Economic Council Director Mark Schmidt made the above add.


5G is expected to be popular in 2020


This time 5G test will take several years to verify and improvement is expected in 2020 will be universal, we hope that the majority of Dutch people can use 5G high-speed network, but also a variety of related applications developed high-speed mobile networks.