MIT achieve 3D printing can produce high-quality glass fiber

2015-08-23 19:54:59

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Friday announced a new 3D printing method using a transparent glass instead of plastic material as a guide. This is called the method 3DGP work together with traditional 3D printing basically the same. The researchers found that by precise control of the thickness of the print can be customized light transmittance, reflectance and refractive index.


Glass printing system uses two stacked heat chamber, located above the heat chamber temperature reaches 1900 degrees Fahrenheit, while the bottom of the heating chamber is responsible for forming the structure of the cooling annealing. MIT Media Lab in cooperation with the school's mechanical engineering department, as well as Harvard University laboratory glass laboratory Invensys together to create a 3DGP technology. Researchers believe this result in the future be used to make cheaper, better quality fiber.