10Gtek’s 10G NICs support 10GbE application. 10G NICs use Intel series chips, including 82599EN, 82599ES, XL710, X540, 550AT, etc. These NICs come in 1~4 ports , supporting RJ45 or SFP+ slot.These cards are supporting Windows, Linux, Red Hat and other operating systems.


Broadcom 57810S Controllers
Intel X540 / X550 Series Controllers
Intel X520 / 710 Series Controllers
Note :
Regarding Synology, QNAP devices support: It is recommended that you consult the official device documentation (please refer to the link below). If it supports the corresponding network card controller chip, it will work.
Synology Compatibility List:https://www.synology.com/zh-cn/compatibility
QNAP Compatibility List:https://www.qnap.com.cn/zh-cn/compatibility/

Regarding FreeNAS, UnRaid, OpenWRT, iKuai, RouterOS, Proxmox VE operating system support: Customers are advised to consult the official device support documents of the OS system. If it supports the corresponding network card chip, it will work.

10 Gigabit Ethernet CNA

Part Number Speed Controller(s) Port Number Port Type Compatibility Driver Download
57810S-10G-2S-X8 10G Broadcom 57810S 2 SFP+ Broadcom BCM57810S Download
X520-10G-1S-X8 10G Intel 82599EN 1 SFP+ Intel X520-DA1 Download
X520-10G-2S-X8 10G Intel 82599ES 2 SFP+ Intel X520-DA2 Download
X540-10G-1T-X8 10G Intel X540 1 RJ-45 Intel X540-T1 Download
X540-10G-2T-X8 10G Intel X540 2 RJ-45 Intel X540-T2 Download
X550-10G-1T-X4 10G Intel ELX550AT 1 RJ-45 Intel X550-T1 Download
X550-10G-2T-X4 10G Intel ELX550BT2 2 RJ-45 Intel X550-T2 Download
X710-10G-2S-X8 10G X710-BM2 2 SFP+ Intel X710-DA2 Download
XL710-10G-4S-X8 10G X710-BM1 4 SFP+ Intel X710-DA4 Download
2724-10G-2S-X8 10G MCX312B-XCCT 2 SFP+ MCX312B-XCCT Download