TE initiated the establishment Micro QSFP MSA

2015-08-09 20:56:58

TE et 12 optical modules, electrical chip and system vendors today jointly launched a new MSA called micro QSFP Micro-QSFP, to build 100G high-speed optical module for high-density data center applications such as SFP module width.


Earlier this year, TE Connectivity announces looking for partners to develop a more compact QSFP module standards. Subsequently include Microsoft, Avago, Broadcom, Brocade, Cisco, Dell, Huawei, Intel, Juniper and JDSU (now Lumentum), Molex joined the project. Target micro-QSFP project is to improve by 33% over the port density QSFP the ordinary. Dimensions Width miniature QSFP modules and general SFP similar, slightly longer, while adapting to the requirements of optical modules and power modules. Thermal management will be one of the key to this new standard setting. Miniature QSFP MSA will be the first development module next 4X28Gbps will aim 4X50Gbps module. The MSA's goal is to support 10G, 25G, 50G and 100G applications.