Changzhou mobile optical module project Central Purchasing released

2015-09-11 00:31:12

The official website has learned from China Mobile: China Mobile Changzhou branch announced yesterday the Central Purchasing optical module project announcement, the announcement shows that the Central Purchasing launched in July this year, the main Central Purchasing Gigabit single-mode SFP and single-mode 10G XFP products, expected to purchase an amount of 1400.


The Central Purchasing regulations specific optical module type and quantity: Gigabit Single-mode 1310nm 10KM SFP module 1000; gigabit single-mode 1310nm 40KM SFP module 200; 10G singlemode 1310nm 10KM XFP module 100; 10G 1550nm single-mode 40KM XFP module 100; total procurement volume 1400, specific purchases in China Mobile release shall prevail.