SiFotonics silicon photonics technology breakthrough progress

2015-08-31 00:09:24

SiFotonics company recently achieved in the field of silicon photonics the decisive breakthrough: SiFotonics research and development of high-speed frontal incidence germanium silicon avalanche diode (APD), in almost all communication bands overall performance beyond the traditional group III-V material APD (for example, 10G Ge/Si APD ROSA sensitivity at 1310nm and 1550nm reached -29.5dBm), which is optically active silicon chip progress milestones. The following figure shows the sensitivity of the test results Ge/Si 10G APD of:

Ge/Si 10G APD


SiFotonics Ge/Si APD technology is a revolutionary product, currently, SiFotonics Ge/Si APD performance quickly recognized from the United States, China and Japan and other optical communications companies. Company CEO Dr. Pan Dong said: "Over the past decade silicon photovoltaic technology has been very hot, although silicon photovoltaic products have significant cost advantages, but the market share is very low, the fundamental reason is that silicon photovoltaic products and traditional group III-V products On past performance gap. Since high performance APD chip is one of the largest amount of products in the field of optical communications, therefore APD performance breakthrough on SiFotonics Ge/Si, meaning silicon photovoltaic products began to enter the large-scale optical communications areas, such as fiber to the home, 100G / 400G cloud computing data centers. Because silicon optical chips, it is suitable for mass-scale production, we look forward to in the coming years will quickly occupy significant market share in the market. "