U Mobile and ZTE jointly develop pre-5G technology

2015-08-11 22:04:36

ZTE recently with Malaysian operator U Mobile reached an agreement to work together to develop pre-5G, 5G network and future business in Malaysia. Representatives of both parties in Shenzhen, China signed a memorandum of understanding.


It is understood that ZTE will 5G as a core strategy, it is a pioneer in the field of 5G. ZTE in June 2014 first proposed the concept of Pre-5G, at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ??announced the Pre-5G base station baseband RF integration, and business presentations.


Pre-5G base station up to the existing LTE system capacity increase six times, in addition to large-scale multi-antenna Massive MIMO, other key technologies 5G ZTE, such as multi-user shared access, super-dense network also is an industry leader.


General Manager of ZTE Malaysia Ge Yuqiao said he was pleased with the network innovation leader U Mobile in Malaysia 5G cooperation in the field, future, ZTE will continue to strengthen its efforts to advance key technologies for 5G research and patent portfolio in order to further strengthen the core competitiveness.


U Mobile respect claimed that this cooperation can make its own holding in front of communication technology, to bring better and faster communication services to the people of Malaysia. "5G technology can satisfy the growing user demand. Cooperation with ZTE will also promote Malaysia to 2020 to achieve the aspirations of intelligent digital state."