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2019 global broadband access market will reach $12 billion

According to Dell'Oro predicts that the global broadband access market, including PON, DSL and Cable

[2015-08-02 20:56:57]

In 2014 the number of Asian FTTH breaking 300 million up by 36.8%

Leading telecommunications research institute IDATE today announced that, as of December 2014, the n

[2015-07-30 20:36:11]

Telx announced it has joined Google Faster undersea fiber optic cable construction

US data center service provider Telx company recently announced that Google will be involved in the

[2015-07-28 21:02:31]

Canada requires open FTTH network for competitive carriers

Canadian telecommunications regulators Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission CRTC

[2015-07-26 20:26:30]

Why enterprises should deploy POL Passive Optical LAN?

With the development of telecommunication networks and broadband access technology, GPON, EPON has b

[2015-07-23 21:30:04]

Dell'Oro forecast promote WDM metro optical transport equipment market to reach $15 billion in

Market research firm Dell'Oro latest optical transport market report predicts 2019 global optical tr

[2015-07-22 01:05:29]

Huawei to build Tonga - Gabon fiber network project is progressing well

Chinese Huawei Technologies company contracted by the Central African fiber backbone network enginee

[2015-07-19 20:42:50]

ECI optical transmission scheme won the German power company to deploy

ECI Telecom and its long-term business partner 3M announced today that the German company Tennet TSO

[2015-07-16 21:02:45]

US R&D laser broadband technology

Recently, three US telecommunications carrier is testing a laser broadband technology that uses wire

[2015-07-14 21:18:27]

ISC 15 is continuing, 10Gtek expects your more attention and cooperation

ISC 2015 is being held in Messe Frankfurt, Germany on July 13-15/ 2015. 10Gtek attends with our Opti

[2015-07-14 21:04:33]

What is OTN?

OTN is based on WDM technology, optical transport network layer in an organization's network, it is

[2015-07-12 20:38:13]

IDC says cloud IT infrastructure market grew by 26.4% this year

Market research firm IDC's latest cloud computing market research report, cloud IT infrastructure eq

[2015-07-09 21:31:48]

Streeter will invest 4 billion rupees to the national fiber-optic network

After Indian Prime Minister Modi India plans to roll out digital publishing, the national fiber opti

[2015-07-07 20:13:01]

Massachusetts 22 towns set to build its own gigabit fiber network

Massachusetts vast rural areas is about to get gigabit fiber network in which 22 towns residents dec

[2015-07-05 20:44:11]

High-speed access multidimensional reuse and coherent technology flourishHigh-speed access multidime

The rapid development of the Internet, microblogging, micro-channel, online games, virtual communiti

[2015-07-02 21:29:21]

Omnitron launched SFP Gigabit Ethernet NID packaging products

Omnitron Systems Technology has introduced the package SFP Gigabit Ethernet network interface produc

[2015-06-30 20:40:33]

2021 global fiber optic connector income of nearly $ 4.43 billion

According to TMR recently released study shows that by 2014, global fiber optic connector to reach $

[2015-06-28 20:33:59]

Ovum said that 2015 sales reached FTTx optical devices $ 1 billion

Market research firm Ovum latest FTTx market report noted that in 2015 global sales of FTTx optical

[2015-06-26 21:13:08]

Google's share of the specifications of fiber-optic network

Recently, Google Inc. is introducing a number of specifications of the fiber optic network to help p

[2015-06-24 21:33:06]

Alcatel-Lucent to help upgrade Tiscali Italy 100Gbps network

Alcatel-Lucent recently announced that it will offer land-based and submarine optical network upgrad

[2015-06-22 20:38:58]

Interworking type FTTH technology is "broadband speed drop this" direction of development

Broadband speed reduction and the industry seems to have become the focus of heated debate. Recently

[2015-06-19 00:19:44]

High-density fiber management faces two major challenges to protect and preserve

Has gradually been "fiber to the home" replaced by ADSL-based broadband telephone lines, data center

[2015-06-16 21:27:08]

Vodafone UK fixed broadband market return

According to media reports, Vodafone UK fixed broadband market exit after three years, the operators

[2015-06-14 21:10:55]

Google will incorporate fiber optic project OpenConfig

Google company is now trying to promote the development of SDN technology, the new program will be i

[2015-06-12 00:58:55]

TE Data Center Route 24 core MPO fiber optic solutions

TE Connectivity data center fiber backbone cables and interconnect solutions that enable enterprise

[2015-06-09 21:40:07]