Streeter will invest 4 billion rupees to the national fiber-optic network

2015-07-07 20:13:01

After Indian Prime Minister Modi India plans to roll out digital publishing, the national fiber optic network project, India has entered a new era of technology development, technology giant is concerned about this rich market.

India's Sterlite Industries Technology said it would invest 4 billion rupees as a major part of the 720 billion rupees nationwide fiber optic network.

Sterlite Industries is India's technology fiber optic cables, communication cables and power transmission conductor manufacturers and export fiber to China, Europe and Southeast Asia and other overseas markets. It is India's only integrated optical fiber manufacturer, is also the largest exporter of fiber optic cable.

Nationwide digital fiber optic network is an important component of India's plan. Digital India aims to 727.78 billion rupees to the December 2017 budget to achieve 250,000 towns and villages connected to high-speed broadband.

Sterlite Industries to expand fiber optic technology will be phased production to 30 million meters. According to the requirements of the national fiber optic network project required about 50 million km fiber-optic cable, the company will supply the majority. Although some would come from imports, but Streeter will implement the principles of "Made in India" is.