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TE Data Center Route 24 core MPO fiber optic solutions

TE Connectivity data center fiber backbone cables and interconnect solutions that enable enterprise

[2015-06-09 21:40:07]

IHS: Q1 Optical network equipment spending rose 5 percent focus to Metro 100G Networking

The latest report from market research firm IHS shows the optical network equipment (WDM and SONET /

[2015-06-08 01:48:06]

IDC: 2020 Years in networking market size will increase to $ 1.7 trillion

Market research firm IDC recently said that the global networking market capitalization by 2020 will

[2015-06-05 00:25:56]


In 2015, 10Gtek will attend BIG TELECOM EVENT as exhibitor, This event is driving an extraordinary w

[2015-06-01 00:50:17]

10Gtek will attend at ECOC2015

Important News: 10Gtek will attend ECOC2015, the leading conference on optical communication in Euro

[2015-06-01 00:42:41]

Welcome to visit 10Gtek at ISC15 High Performance -The HPC Event

In 2015, 10Gtek is pleased to attend ISC High Performance as exhibitor, the event for High Performan

[2015-05-27 00:52:55]

2015 How to solve a serious excess capacity fiber-optic cable problem

2014, as the Internet, the vigorous development of mobile Internet, data center and cloud computing

[2015-05-25 20:03:12]

MIIT: year over half of the users speed 8M

According to the "CCTV News" reported the day before yesterday, the Ministry of Industry and Informa

[2015-05-21 04:14:20]

Optical fiber and cable market into rational competition, technological innovation to seize the init

By 2014, broadband policy progresses, broadband infrastructure has improved, continue to promote the

[2015-05-17 20:54:11]

The State Council urged the mobile phone traffic is not cleared

Beijing News News urges "put the network speed, lower net fee" A month later, Li Keqiang premier May

[2015-05-14 20:44:57]

FTTH upgrade: China 2018 will introduce gigabit fiber to the home

Infonetics latest "VDSL, G.Fast and next-generation FTTH strategy and supplier Leadership Survey" su

[2015-05-13 03:59:38]

Communications market new opportunities: 100G optical modules and fiber optic cables

Optical communication is the physical basis of the entire Internet economy. The beginning of the cen

[2015-05-10 20:33:50]

Difference between single-mode and multimode fiber

Single-mode fiber is only a single path, and generally used for long-distance transmission, there ar

[2015-05-08 02:31:11]

How Chinese optical module chips like?

It is well known in the optical communications optical module dominate, and photonic chip is the hea

[2015-05-05 20:48:44]

The structural characteristics of the cable

The structural characteristics of the cable

[2015-04-30 01:21:48]

Huge Chinese optical fiber and cable market

Optical fiber and cable market, although the problem of excess serious, but the domestic manufacture

[2015-04-28 04:06:31]

Optical fiber China mature market

Market research firm CRU has ceased to fall into category of emerging market of China. After 6 years

[2015-04-27 04:30:32]

Meet 10Gtek at INTEROP Las Vegas

10Gtek will attend Interop Las Vegas 2015, the leading independent technology conference and expo de

[2015-04-21 23:55:13]

Storage and Security: Five Things You Need to Understand

Here’s the big takeaway: By 2018, more than half of organizations will use security services firms t

[2015-04-03 01:09:48]

Hybrid Cloud’s Need for Speed

As more businesses are moving data to the cloud and outside of corporate walls, and more data is bei

[2015-04-02 20:35:07]

100G ports a $6 billion market by 2017 says Infonetics

Yes, 100G really is taking off. The market for such ports will be worth more than $6 billion by 2017

[2015-03-29 21:31:03]

Understanding cloud storage models

Who would have thought that storing bits could get so incredibly complicated? Storage has always con

[2015-03-27 02:31:39]

3 Big data trends for business intelligence

Big data has given businesses a window into valuable streams of information from customer purchasing

[2015-03-26 01:59:36]

How Cloud has Changed Data Center Technology

Let’s face it, if you’re a technologist and you’re reading this article, you’re tied to the cloud in

[2015-03-20 20:52:54]

“Latency: The Other Critical Storage Networking Metric”

From a data storage perspective, the definition of latency is the time it takes for a data packet to

[2015-03-20 03:39:29]