Ovum said that 2015 sales reached FTTx optical devices $ 1 billion

2015-06-26 21:13:08

Market research firm Ovum latest FTTx market report noted that in 2015 global sales of FTTx optical device will be a new high, is expected to more than 1 billion US dollars, more than the $ 953 million in 2014, but in 2016 will drop to $ 985 million. Ovum believes strong demand OLT and ONT products is the main driving force for FTTx optical components market growth.

Ovum principal analyst of intelligent networks and devices projects, Julie Kunstler author of the report pointed out that China's three major carriers for the continued deployment of FTTx is very helpful for the growth of FTTx optical components market. North American cable operators, as well as Google fiber deployments in North America, Europe, Middle East and Latin America telecom carriers deploying FTTx devices are on the market growth to help.
Julie believes that Chinese carriers to change PON procurement is the biggest disadvantage of this market, but it is not expected to occur. Meanwhile, India, Brazil, Indonesia and other operators for the deployment of FTTx FTTx market may be explosive growth opportunities.

The report predicts Ovum

2015 sales reached OLT optical modules 6.5 million, growing 19 percent in 2014, the next generation of 10G EPON OLT PON is the main product. OLT next expected in 2020 12 percent of the entire market of OLT module;

2015 ONT module and BOSA market is expected to reach 71 million, an increase of 18% compared to 2014, the next generation ONT module / BOSA 2020 accounted for 9% of the total market, 10 / 1Ghe 10 / 10G products are the mainstream.