ECI optical transmission scheme won the German power company to deploy

2015-07-16 21:02:45

ECI Telecom and its long-term business partner 3M announced today that the German company Tennet TSO deployed ECI's Neptune and Apollo Series packet optical transport solutions. This deployment will help to modernize the network TenneT contribute to TenneT flexible grid development plan.


Christian Erbe ECI Telecom general manager of the German company said that for utility companies, they have to be cost-effective to upgrade infrastructure to meet the needs of future development of the network without compromising network performance, reliability, availability and other conditions. By deploying ECI's equipment, TenneT will have a future-oriented network, the network will combine traditional and new packet services, maintaining the characteristics of high-quality services that must be provided. Over the past 15 years, 3M business companies and ECI is committed to providing cost-effective optimized solutions for telecom customers.


ECI said flexible grid network development and promotion of the power company to modernize its communications network to achieve. TenneT German company through packet networks from legacy networks to upgrade, you can achieve a more effective network management and traffic control. This upgrade requires support traditional network interface with a low bit SCADA and remote protection, but also to meet the needs of environmental protection.


Tennet TSO is one of the top five electricity transmission operators in Europe, in the Netherlands and Germany, to provide electricity services to 41 million users, the length of the total length of 21,000 km high-voltage lines. They will be deployed ECI's NPT-100 equipment and Apollo optical transmission system. ECI's unique MPLS-TP solution is a fully redundant solution that can ensure that the network performance, reliability and carrier-class resiliency. NPT1200 combines a modular structure, small size and low power consumption in a reliable package inside, and ensure that environmental requirements. ECI's Apollo small multi-delivery platform optimized to support TenneT's long-haul WDM links. In addition, ECI's LightSOFT unified multi-layer management system will enable network data strict control and management.