Vodafone UK fixed broadband market return

2015-06-14 21:10:55
According to media reports, Vodafone UK fixed broadband market exit after three years, the operators are now using "Connect" brand once again return to the market.
According to Vodafone UK blog content display, "Connect" service will initially only to existing customers of Vodafone, has started business in Manchester and Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire some areas. After Vodafone Connect service will expand to Essex, Hertfordshire and Yorkshire, and will be open to all Vodafone customers in the "later this year."
Connect all packages and services contracted for at least 18 months, but the operator said service price is very competitive. The most expensive package before twelve months 2.5 pounds per month, £ 5 per month after six months. Fiber optic products and services in the first year £ 10 per month, followed by 20 pounds per month. In addition, Vodafone will charge a monthly fee of £ 16.99 a month to broadband users.
Presumably, Vodafone will use part of British Telecom (BT) of Openreach infrastructure services to support Connect base packages peak rate of 17Mbps, and 76Mbps top package of optical fiber transmission.
After the introduction of the fixed broadband product in 2007, Vodafone sold in 2012 to BT Plusnet all its "Vodafone at Home" business, quit the field.