What is OTN?

2015-07-12 20:38:13


OTN is based on WDM technology, optical transport network layer in an organization's network, it is the next generation of backbone transmission network. OTN is the next generation through a series of ITU-T recommendation G.872, G.709, G.798, etc. norms "digital transmission system" and "optical transmission system" that will solve the traditional WDM networks without wavelength / sub-wavelength services poor scheduling, network capacity is weak, weak protection and other issues.
OTN across traditional electric field (digital transmission) and optical domains (analogue transmission), is to manage the electrical domain and optical domain of uniform standards.
OTN is the basic object of the wavelength-level business process that will transport network to advance to a true multi-wavelength optical network stage. Combined with the advantages of optical and electrical domains domain processing, OTN can provide enormous transmission capacity, fully transparent end-wavelength / sub-wavelength connection and carrier-class protection, technology transfer is the best business broadband large particles.


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