Interworking type FTTH technology is "broadband speed drop this" direction of development

2015-06-19 00:19:44
Broadband speed reduction and the industry seems to have become the focus of heated debate. Recently, China Mobile Research Institute network transmission and access networks, research director Wang Lei publicly that exchange-type FTTH technology is "broadband speed drop of the" direction of development.
Data: 2015, FTTH ratio further improved to 60% (ports) / 95% (ONU number) or more. "GPON interoperability ease cost pressures, this year became the size of the deployment of the first year, and to meet the urgent needs of FTTH large-scale development under the new situation."
It is understood that in 2010 to 2012 is FTTB FTTH evolution to achieve the "speed" phase, in 2010 was the first year of deployment of FTTB, FTTH immature scale was less than 3% until 2012 began a large-scale deployment of FTTH, the new scale 15%.
And since 2013, the development of FTTH technology enables interworking type to achieve a "cost reduction", 2013 was only the Central Purchasing GPON, FTTH 35% of the new scale (lines).
"At present, the ratio further enhance FTTH, HGU introduction of large-scale application, GPON (SFU and HGU) different manufacturers interoperability scale application." Lei said, "HGU is FTTH terminal towards a flexible, open, intellectual development and HGU the first step .SFU development of long-term coexistence, while promoting multi-port SFU have the ability to upgrade to the software. "