Omnitron launched SFP Gigabit Ethernet NID packaging products

2015-06-30 20:40:33

Omnitron Systems Technology has introduced the package SFP Gigabit Ethernet network interface products iConverter SFP-NID. Omnitron expected that the product will be deployed in low-latency, high SLA commercial Ethernet and 4G / LTE macro base stations and small base stations backhaul business.

Omnitron noted, SFP package of NID easy to install and does not require separate products division to help save Capex and Opex. Omnitron the SFP NID and 1.5W power budget can meet the ordinary optical modules.

Omnitron of SFP-NID supports up to 64 simultaneous Ethernet virtual connections, support for ITU-T Y.1731 performance monitoring standards, providing a delay, loss and other warning criteria set by the user, as well as IEEE 802.1ag connectivity fault management standards. The product can be used as a MEP product or MIPs product for fault isolation. In addition, the product supports the electrical interface or optical port management, which means that support UNI or ENNI functions.