Google's share of the specifications of fiber-optic network

2015-06-24 21:33:06

Recently, Google Inc. is introducing a number of specifications of the fiber optic network to help promote the technology of software-defined networking (SDN) adoption.

Google Network Architect BikashKoley at a telecommunications activities in Chicago said that in the past year, using the SDN network sector has made new progress, however, in the fiber layer is still not go too far. To help solve this problem, Google the company through a telecommunications company based group OpenConfig devices from multiple vendors to share certain optical topology configuration model, and plans for its "open circuit system is configured in about a month's time to model future "I do the same thing.

Openconfig is an informal collaborative model between Google and Microsoft began, followed by another telecommunications company AT & T and British Telecom BT added. Through this cooperation, the development of next-generation packet-based networks (packetnetworks) network data model, which play an important role from the IP network to route traffic across them (Border Gateway Protocol) BGP specification begins.

OpenConfig members are developing a model for a description of the configuration and operational status to promote SDN used throughout the optical network topology among. "We are based on the principles of SDN, transform our transport network," Koley said. "To do this, we need a vendor-neutral topology and configuration model, and can be an existing element management system vendors understand centralized configuration, in order to gain local support, and convert network elements. The most important It is that we need to get visibility into network status. "

It Lightreading reported, Koley added: "They have developed and deployed configuration and network status model is an important thing, because the network configuration changes will mean changes at global level that people need to be able to see these changes in real time if you can not. see this change, the network might be a problem. That is why a separate development configuration and network status model is no longer meaningful reason. "

Koley representation, OpenConfig are looking for broader participation in the industry, and do not want to only represent big companies have become part of the sound. This is not a standards organization, and open to any size network operators.

The team is using GitHub open source library to do the work, but only invited people to participate. However, to plan all the energy into the standard process of working them in the future.