Google will incorporate fiber optic project OpenConfig

2015-06-12 00:58:55
Google company is now trying to promote the development of SDN technology, the new program will be introduced OpenConfig them, and on this basis, announced its part of the network configuration model for other vendors by reference.
LightReading website reported that Google Network Architect Bikash Koley company hopes to introduce more elements in the transport layer among SDN. To achieve this goal, Google has been its multi-vendor configuration mode fiber terminal into the inner OpenConfig project.
Koley at a telecommunications conference held recently in Chicago, noted that this fiber model is just beginning in the next month, Google will announce more additional configuration.
In order to allow more transport layer SDN style, Koley noted that its topology configuration needs to have a more prominent vendor-neutral characteristics, the only way to the original operation and maintenance team of "centralized proprietary Configuration" transformed by different vendors more Element Management System.
He also stressed that the visibility of the same network status also help transport layer for a core requirement SDN transformation. OpenConfig all project participants is the industry's giants. In addition to Google, we still see a list of Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo and other vendors were the first, in addition to AT & T, BT, Comcast, Verizon, Level3 and operators such as Cox Communications also impressively.
Allegedly, the project uses Yang as its data model, and some models have been published on GitHub. Google's model is not yet part of this offer open source efforts - currently only for OpenConfig project members.
In addition, OpenConfig other recent work since the GBP also include the establishment of a new model and routing policy, the relevant results have already been incorporated into the official public repository of the project this month on the 5th.