Huawei to build Tonga - Gabon fiber network project is progressing well

2015-07-19 20:42:50

Chinese Huawei Technologies company contracted by the Central African fiber backbone network engineering Tonga - Gabon fiber network segment is progressing well.


According to reports, the connection of fiber optic cable and Gabon Tonga full-length 520 kilometers, since June 18 has been completed to start 76 kilometers basis of this progress, the fiber-optic backbone network project will be held in March 2016 or April completed.


The network will use the G655 single-mode fiber, starting from Congo Matombi base, the Pointe-Noire, Dolisie and Maca Bana, and finally to the Congolese border town of Mbinda, length of 520 kilometers.


Congo - Gabon, Congo fiber optic network project is part of the strategic plan of economic diversification, which will greatly improve access to the Internet status quo between the two countries, and reduce the cost of information and communication technologies.