Dell'Oro forecast promote WDM metro optical transport equipment market to reach $15 billion in

2015-07-22 01:05:29

Market research firm Dell'Oro latest optical transport market report predicts 2019 global optical transport equipment market will reach $15 billion. Metro WDM market is the biggest driver of optical transmission equipment market growth.


Dell'Oro expects the next few years, the average annual growth rate of metro WDM equipment market CAGR of 10%. 100G coherent transmission in metro deployments will accelerate, and 200G deployment will begin in the year. Is expected to 2019, 200G will account for 25% WDM metro market. But the next five years to deploy metro WDM market, 75% is still 100G technology-based.


Dell'Oro analyst Jimmy Yu pointed out that the optical transmission network development still requires a lot of bandwidth, WDM is the best technology to provide bandwidth. For long-distance transport demand is still accelerating, but the fastest growth will come from metropolitan areas. He also said that although the telecom operators continue to be the main metro WDM equipment procurement, but Internet companies, financial institutions are increasingly building their 100Gbps network. Development of data centers is a key behind it.