Massachusetts 22 towns set to build its own gigabit fiber network

2015-07-05 20:44:11

Massachusetts vast rural areas is about to get gigabit fiber network in which 22 towns residents decided to join the government cooperative projects WiredWest, aimed at high-speed broadband through traditional cable companies refused to provide local service. The township has received $34.5 million bonds to undertake the project, the project is expected to cost a total of $79 million. Massachusetts government is expected to bear 40% of the cost.

WiredWest hope will eventually be connected to the Internet 32 towns, of which there are 22 towns has officially joined, which means that 40 percent of the township residents have agreed to buy fiber-optic service, and paid the $49 deposit to ensure that they can get services. In addition, these towns Parliament must, intended to bear part of the construction costs through the bill.

WiredWest after completion of the project, 25 Mbps fiber access fee to monthly rate of $49, 100 Mbps per month 79 no, 1Gbps to $109 per month, is currently the main areas of Internet access via DSL or satellite network, the Internet speed is usually only a few Mbps.