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Next-generation Trend of Optical Fiber Wiring System for Data Center

 Market BackgroundIn the last 5-6 years, Data center constructions are in t

[2015-12-16 23:10:57]

10Gtek firstly Releases 100G QSFP28 Copper Cable into Market

In the next five years, the global flow demand for data centers are expected to increase to three ti

[2015-12-11 01:30:49]

10Gtek Announced the External Cable Assemblies Using 3M Twin Axial Cable

10Gtek launches new fold-able cable assemblies for data center storage applications, which are suita

[2015-12-11 01:25:24]

Huawei SDN network architecture supporting Switzerland Abraxas create efficient data center cloud

Huawei and Switzerland Abraxas company announced, Abraxas by Huawei agile data center networking sol

[2015-12-09 00:09:23]

Q3 2015 global optical transport equipment market fell to $ 3.1 billion

According to media reports, networking and communications market research firm Dell'Oro Group report

[2015-12-06 23:17:51]

2020 AOC global data center applications market reached $ 4.2 billion

According to CIR (CommunicationsIndustryResearchers) latest report, "2015 Active Optical Cable Marke

[2015-12-03 23:52:00]

Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell core router service China Telecom data center

Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai has announced the offer including the 7950 XRS IP core routers and 7750 SR s

[2015-11-29 23:43:48]

IT service provider Getronics acquired Colt cloud services

IT service provider Getronics has agreed to acquire the cloud Colt management business, enhance the

[2015-11-26 23:15:41]

TE 25G AOC Technology Awards again

TE Connectivity today announced that its light engine technology based Coolbit 25G AOC products have

[2015-11-24 23:38:39]

2019 global specialty fiber production capacity will increase to 841.7 million pounds

According to BCC Research report, 2014-2019, the global specialty fiber market compound annual growt

[2015-11-22 20:37:27]

Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs obtained SDM technology breakthroughs to achieve P bit middleweight transmi

Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs today announced record achieve optical network transmission capacity to bet

[2015-11-20 00:00:48]

IHS forecast 2015 SDN market reached $ 1.4 billion

IHS latest report SDN hardware and software used in data centers and enterprise networks display, SD

[2015-11-18 00:11:23]

Nuage provides the SDN platform for CenturyLink

SDN technology provider Nuage announced that it will provide virtual services platform VSP to Centur

[2015-11-15 23:07:24]

Hainan Mobile plan to achieve more than 95 percent of the island user fiber coverage

Recently, Hainan Mobile to increase fiber optic broadband coverage, plans to build the island cable

[2015-11-12 23:53:52]

Cable One next year will be over 200 cities push 1G broadband services in the United States

US cable operator Cable One company launched GigaONE - it plans new Gigabit broadband service next y

[2015-11-11 00:58:44]

Huawei by ONF's first multi-vendor wireless backhaul SDN PoC test

Huawei in October announced that it has with the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) in Madrid, Spain s

[2015-11-09 00:52:06]

Fiber common knowledge

Fiber is the transmission of light wave conductors. Optical fiber from the optical transmission mode

[2015-11-03 23:19:26]

China Telecom 2015 100G DWDM / OTN equipment Central Purchasing released

Recently, from the China Telecom's official website has learned that China Telecom 2015 100G DWDM /

[2015-11-01 20:55:13]

Zain and Huawei signed a cooperation agreement NFV

According to the "Kuwait Times" reported on October 26, Kuwait's largest mobile operator Zain and Ch

[2015-10-30 00:37:04]

Fujitsu SCTE exhibit DPoE specification 10G EPON products

Fujitsu Network Communications Corp. on October 14 to the 16th in New Orleans, cable television show

[2015-10-27 21:30:02]

10Gtek will attend at SC2015

Event Update: 10Gtek will be present at SC 15, held at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas

[2015-10-27 00:45:13]

Ciena upgrade Blue Planet SDN coordination platform

Ciena Corporation today announced an upgrade to its acquisitions from Cyan Blue Planet SDN / NFV Orc

[2015-10-26 03:45:00]

Sorrento launch low cost 100Gbps metro solution

Optical transmission equipment manufacturers Sorrento network has launched claims to have advantages

[2015-10-23 21:23:43]

Ekinops optical single-fiber DWDM equipment to win the French Celieno network deployment

France next-generation optical transport equipment manufacturers Ekinops today announced Celieno opt

[2015-10-22 00:17:46]

Optical fiber and cable industry of ultra-100G era

Currently 100G has been large-scale commercial, super 100G, also is accelerating the standardization

[2015-10-19 01:24:08]