Nuage provides the SDN platform for CenturyLink

2015-11-15 23:07:24

SDN technology provider Nuage announced that it will provide virtual services platform VSP to CenturyLink one of the three major US carriers, as the backbone of the business part of CenturyLink programmable (PSB) SDN architecture, PSB also CenturyLink efforts to enhance the capacity of the center virtual network . The opening will provide customized based on business NFV for all types of business users of software-based architecture. CenturyLink had already announced as part of its PSB Nuage construction. Ciena and Arista is one of the suppliers of PSB.


CenturyLink said that in order to better serve our customers, they are trying to upgrade the network to achieve faster and more reliable and automated service provisioning, and the customer is most needed services to the network edge. PSB This fundamental dynamic network infrastructure upgrade will provide implementation services, and provide more diversified services in the future.


Nuage also said that the construction of the virtual business platform VSP CenturyLink will provide a variety of benefits. For example, VSP new virtual services and VPN, existing cloud services, unified together. Meanwhile, the physical connection library will provide continuous network security by maintaining a real-time virtual service customers.