Huawei SDN network architecture supporting Switzerland Abraxas create efficient data center cloud

2015-12-09 00:09:23

Huawei and Switzerland Abraxas company announced, Abraxas by Huawei agile data center networking solutions, successfully completed the construction of multi-tenant virtualized cloud data center network. The cloud data center network based on Huawei's Cloud Fabric of SDN network architecture, through full virtualization of data center networking solutions that significantly enhance the ICT resource utilization, support Abraxas Swiss and European businesses, governments and research institutions to provide more efficient, flexible, reliable cloud computing services.


Abraxas is Switzerland's major ICT integrators and cloud service providers, long-term government and corporate clients for network interconnection and data center cloud services, while providing network consulting, solutions, network deployment and other services.


In order to meet the needs of cloud services customers in Switzerland and throughout Europe, increasingly rising, Abraxas decided to enhance its cloud data center network efficiency in three ways. Abraxas, chief data center architect Mr. Olaf Sonderegger said: "First, we need to consolidate data center resources, improve the overall utilization of IT resources; secondly, interconnected multiple data centers, security services in a free and flexible deployment between data centers migration; and finally, consider the future business of sustainable development, network architecture needs to maintain sufficient flexibility to evolution to SDN by a comprehensive assessment Huawei agile data center networking solutions can effectively meet our needs. "


Huawei agile data center networking solutions to build high-performance network-wide virtualization CloudEngine series switches support Abraxas create efficient, reliable, highly scalable, multi-tenant cloud data center:


1. Full Virtualization Fabric, flexible scheduling of resources


Virtualization Fabric TRILL + EVN constructed assist Abraxas build large data centers across the Layer 2 network for flexible deployment of virtual machine resources and arbitrary scheduling.


2. Core switch reuse, reduce equipment investment


VS (Virtual System) can achieve core switch, "a virtual many" virtualized, Abraxas different Virtual Switch can be used to achieve different business functions to achieve business isolation, while improving network reliability and security.


3. smooth network evolution to SDN, protect user investment


Huawei CloudEngine switches and Agile Controller with, can be constructed based on SDN's data center, Abraxas according to their business demands, the smooth evolution to its data centers SDN.