Zain and Huawei signed a cooperation agreement NFV

2015-10-30 00:37:04

According to the "Kuwait Times" reported on October 26, Kuwait's largest mobile operator Zain and China's Huawei signed a cooperation agreement within the next three years through the use of virtual network technology to provide a more dynamic, flexible and efficient mobile services to its customers. The agreement focuses on network features virtualization (NFV) application technology. This is a cutting-edge technology in the field of telecommunications, Zain Kuwait is the first time in the Middle East to use the solution.


NFV technology can further streamline operations through the use of virtual processes, more efficient use of resources, in order to quickly meet the growing customer demand for services. Omar, CEO of Zain Kuwait said: "The networking capabilities of virtualization will change the concept of modern communications ecosystem, we are pleased to work closely with Huawei virtualization strategy, and it quickly into our network. especially Huawei solutions and managed services breadth and depth can help us advance the development of the overall network. "


Zain Kuwait has agreed with Huawei signed a three-year managed services contract, Huawei will assist Zain directly to the establishment and management solutions NFV architecture. The agreement is part of an overall strategy of Zain ICT transformation over the next decade, the strategy includes the development of cloud data centers and the development of more digital services. To this end, Zain has used some of Huawei's solutions and services, earlier this year, the two companies announced a new strategic partnership program that will test and implement 4.5G high speed in the next three years on the network Zain Kuwait services. Zain also with Huawei in Kuwait established a joint innovation center, research and development of future mobile broadband services and applications technology.