Ekinops optical single-fiber DWDM equipment to win the French Celieno network deployment

2015-10-22 00:17:46

France next-generation optical transport equipment manufacturers Ekinops today announced Celieno optical networks -Chartres PARIS deploy its scalable to 100Gbps of a single fiber optic solutions.


Celieno northern France Chartres area network is electricity, natural gas and high-speed broadband services to utility services company REG. IE fiber optic network in the Eure-et-Loir region construction. This network will provide local telecom operators high-speed broadband access, fiber to the home support, and support for wireless local loop.


In order to improve the flow of data provided Celieno ability to provide higher bandwidth services to important customers, Celieno evaluated several vendors' devices used to achieve data center interconnect Paris and Chartres region, and finally selected Ekinops multi-protocol DWDM equipment. The device uses the same optical fiber to achieve two-way transmission of multiple wavelengths. Ekinops optical amplifiers and DynaFEC technology can achieve long distance transmission, multi-protocol, without repeaters.

Ekinops single-use fiber solutions, Celieno reduces the need for fiber, and can achieve future network upgrades. They said that starting in 2006, Celieno began deploying Ekinops' 10G platform. The platform demonstrated reliability in the years of application, it has been working well. This time, they are very pleased to cooperate again and Ekinops.