Sorrento launch low cost 100Gbps metro solution

2015-10-23 21:23:43

Optical transmission equipment manufacturers Sorrento network has launched claims to have advantages of low cost and small size 100Gbps DWDM equipment GigaMux 3300.


Sorrento is known as the product has innovative light engine, it can reduce the cost of coherent transmission technology to meet the needs of metro applications. Integrated electronic dispersion compensation and coherent transmission technology enables transmission over low-quality fibers, as far as support for 1500 km without regeneration, with GigaMux 3200 photon filters can achieve 80 100Gbps transmission channels. Furthermore, GigaMux 3200 users can also deploy equipment to achieve the 3300 business combination 10Gbps wavelength 100G of up to spare, you can without having to redesign the implementation of 100G transmission idle channel signal in the GigaMux 3200 existing fiber infrastructure.


Sorrento representation, 100G is becoming the new normal bandwidth services. GigaMux 3300 provides a convenient and cost-effective way to achieve 100Gbps transmission. Many users are faced with the deployment of new fiber-optic leased or challenges to 100Gbps upgrade process. Sorrento's new product is very good solution to this problem.


Sorrento optical communications equipment business in the 2000s, once disappeared due to the recent acquisition of Comtek group came back.