Q3 2015 global optical transport equipment market fell to $ 3.1 billion

2015-12-06 23:17:51

According to media reports, networking and communications market research firm Dell'Oro Group reported that in 2015 the global optical transmission equipment market revenue declined slightly year over year, to $ 3.1 billion. Cause of the decline is sales this quarter, in addition to all the technical part of the WDM Metro showed a weakness.


Jimmy Yu, vice president of Dell'Oro Group, said:. "The third quarter, the ups and downs of optical transmission equipment compared to last year, WDM market growth is huge, but at the same time, DWDM long-haul portion of the stop growing Regionally, North America. area of the United States rebounded sharply, while Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia-Pacific will decline further. "


WDM Metro revenues for the quarter grew 16%, mainly due to increased demand and subway capacity and faster DWDM optical technologies (such as 200 Gbps) the amount of the increase driven.