2020 AOC global data center applications market reached $ 4.2 billion

2015-12-03 23:52:00

According to CIR (CommunicationsIndustryResearchers) latest report, "2015 Active Optical Cable Market: data centers and high-performance computing market," in 2020 for the data center of the active optical cable (AOC) market will reach $ 4.2 billion.


In the CIR report relating to the main active cable manufacturers have 25, including Chinese manufacturers and new entrants Manufacturer: 3c-Link, 3M, 10GTEK, Amphenol, Avago, Brocade, Centera, Cisco, ConnPro, Eoptolink, FCI, Fiberon, Finisar, Fujikura, Fujitsu, Gigalight, HitachiCable, IBM, InnoLight (Solectron), Intel, JDSU, Juniper, Luxtera, Mellanox, Molex, Samtec, Siemon, Sumitomo, TEConnectivity and ZephyrPhotonics.


The next decade, QSFP and CXP optical cable will occupy most of the revenue source. By 2020, QSFP+ and QSFP28 sales revenue will reach $ 727 million and $ 741 million respectively. These MSAs support both Ethernet and IB (InfiniBand) protocol, which is critical for the data center market, while its speed is the most suitable for data centers.


At this stage, most likely to buy a lot of large data centers active optical cable is still mainly in the West and Japan. By 2020, Japan, European countries and North America will account for 60% of global active optical cable sales. Despite the competition from Chinese manufacturers increasingly intense active optical cable, a veteran of the active cable manufacturers for these regional markets have a deep understanding of customers and establish a solid relationship, which for new entrants is very difficult to overcome.


2015, 400Gbps active optical cable application has not yet up, but CIR predicts sales in 2020 will reach this part of the product of $ 360 million. However, although 400Gbps AOCs could be the next mainstream, but in the past year, 25Gbps active optical cable is the greatest demand products.