10Gtek Announced the External Cable Assemblies Using 3M Twin Axial Cable

2015-12-11 01:25:24

10Gtek launches new fold-able cable assemblies for data center storage applications, which are suitable for high performance interconnect systems.

Various cabling configuration helps improve the density and flexibility.The programme is also cost-effective to the system.

10Gtek’s latest high performance flexible cable assemblies contain MiniSAS, QSFP+ and SFP+ etc, high speed cable solutions.By using 3M twin axial cable technology, our standard external connectors can be placed anywhere around the servers.The commonly used cables often brings a lot of restrictions in mechanical design.Owing to characteristics of flexible, 10Gtek’s latest cable assemblies could be set to servers’ anywhere while guaranteeing excellent signal integrity.

Based on the thin and flexible Twin Axial cable, the transmission rate up to 25Gbps and resonant frequencies up to 40Ghz, which provide stable performance for next generation high speed interface cable. At the same time, 10Gtek assemblies allow the designers much flexibility in configurations so customers could achieve higher density solutions. The folding characteristics of cables maximize the use of space and reduce the airflow obstruction, while not bringing any signal consumption.

10Gtek electronic interconnect solutions provide a rang of innovative connectors, cables and assemblies for electronic device engineers and designers. For more information, please visit: http://www.10gtek.com