Fiber common knowledge

2015-11-03 23:19:26

Fiber is the transmission of light wave conductors. Optical fiber from the optical transmission mode can be divided into single-mode fiber and multimode fiber.


In the single-mode fiber optical transmission is only one fundamental mode mode, which means that the light is transmitted only along the inner core of the fiber. Due to completely avoid the scattered shot mode makes single-mode fiber transmission band is very wide and therefore suitable for high-speed, long-distance optical fiber communication.


In a multimode fiber optical transmission has a plurality of modes, since the dispersion or aberration, this optical fiber transmission performance is poor, narrow band, the transmission rate is small, the distance is shorter.


Characteristic parameters of the fiber


The fiber structure of the quartz fiber preform rod drawn from the communication with multimode fiber and single-mode fiber has an outer diameter of 125?m.


Slimming divided into two areas: the core and the cladding. Single-mode fiber core diameter is 8 ~ 10?m, multimode fiber core diameter of two standard core diameter was 62.5?m (US standard) and 50?m (European standard).


Interface fiber specifications this description: 62.5?m / 125?m multimode fiber, which refers to 62.5?m core diameter optical fiber, 125?m refers to the outer diameter of the optical fiber.



Optical wavelength is 1310nm single-mode fiber used or 1550nm.


Optical wavelength multimode fiber used mostly for 850nm.


Colors can be distinguished from the single-mode fiber and multimode fiber. Singlemode fiber outer body is yellow, multimode fiber outer body is orange.