Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell core router service China Telecom data center

2015-11-29 23:43:48

Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai has announced the offer including the 7950 XRS IP core routers and 7750 SR service router including strong IP routing technology as China Telecom, boosting its 4G LTE network expansion and management of the growing user demand.


Alcatel-Lucent said that China is the global wireless broadband market leader. Is expected to 2019, China will account for nearly one-third of 4G LTE users worldwide total number of 4G LTE users. Based on this, China Telecom Shanghai Bell opted powerful IP routing technology to ensure that its IP network with sufficient scalability and flexibility to manage data traffic continues to grow in the future, boosting its launch 4G LTE service quality, and to Further expansion of the network ready.


Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell will deploy its industry leading core and edge routing technology China Telecom. In the capital Beijing and the southern financial center of the city of Guangzhou data center (IDC), China Telecom Shanghai Bell will deploy the 7950 XRS IP core routers to manage the growing traffic. Earlier, China Telecom has deployed in its Shanghai and Jiangsu Province, using 7950 XRS IP core routers. In addition, China Telecom Shanghai Bell will deploy the 7750 SR service router in seven major provinces.