2019 global specialty fiber production capacity will increase to 841.7 million pounds

2015-11-22 20:37:27

According to BCC Research report, 2014-2019, the global specialty fiber market compound annual growth rate of 7.8%, to 2019, the global specialty fiber production capacity is expected to increase to 841.7 million pounds. Among them, China accounted for 34% increment.


From a regional market, North America, Western Europe and Japan are the world's three largest specialty fiber market, accounting for 72% of total global demand, down from 76% in 2007. The next five years, the emerging economies, including China, India, will usher in rapid development of specialty fiber of this market.


At present, with China as the representative of regional economic growth in East Asia is the fastest growing region. Automobile enterprises have set up plants in these countries, even if car manufacturers from around the world to see the range has been significantly saturated. In addition, from the application market, aerospace, wind energy, fuel cells and other new industrial applications will provide more market specialty fiber.


Analysts CalvinSwift BCC material, "said the new product development, marketing and technical services are a major factor in the success of this market. Most of specialty fiber business or product differentiation strategy adopted or under the fibrous material or concern based on product type market segments. Future five years, North America, Western Europe and Japan and other developed markets will still be the main consumer markets specialty optical fiber, but its share will drop slightly; at the same time, with China as the representative of the specialty fiber market in emerging economies will present new round of growth. "