Hainan Mobile plan to achieve more than 95 percent of the island user fiber coverage

2015-11-12 23:53:52

Recently, Hainan Mobile to increase fiber optic broadband coverage, plans to build the island cable access network, fiber resources covering more than 95% of the urban group and family customers; efforts to reduce costs to increase the speed, the main push of more than 20M fiber optic broadband service.


Deputy General Manager of Hainan Mobile revealed that in 2016, the province will expand the bandwidth of the Internet out of the province to 1000Gbps, city fiber optic broadband access will reach 50-100Mbps, township rural broadband access will reach 20-50Mbps, effectively enhance the user broadband access speeds.


Create "Hainan wisdom", the Hainan Mobile has Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture, Department of Education and a number of municipalities and counties to carry out in-depth cooperation, including regulatory farms and agricultural traceability, School Paper, e-government, safe city, and medium-sized Reservoir monitoring and other Internet of Things applications. In the field of information technology platform to build, but also for domestic pension health, information, tourism, housing, green, education, culture and sports consumption of six projects, providing multi-level, diversification of information products and services. In the big data applications, and vigorously promote the geographical grid, the flow of people in real-time early warning, financial credit evaluation promote research and development applications.