MIIT: year over half of the users speed 8M

2015-05-21 04:14:20

 According to the "CCTV News" reported the day before yesterday, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology comments on the implementation of the "Broadband China" 2015 special operations, said this year will add fiber to the home covered 80 million families, the new 4G base stations more than 600,000.

Promote a number of cities to become the first "all-optical network city"
MIIT said it would speed up the upgrade of urban and rural universal service to proceed with the gradual increase of public finance broadband development in rural areas to support efforts to promote urban and rural areas to narrow the "digital divide." Accelerate the upgrade of the fixed broadband network capabilities, and constantly improve the 4G network coverage, and the overall strengthening of the industrial enterprises and production of broadband services business services and support.
It was pointed out that in 2015 the main guiding objectives are: new FTTH covering 80 million households, and promote a number of cities to become the first "all-optical network city"; new 4G base over 600,000, 4G network covering the county and developed towns; Added 14,000 administrative villages broadband. Universal size and broadband speeds continue to improve. Add fiber to the home broadband users 40 million, the new 4G users over 200 million, and the use of 8Mbps broadband users more access rate accounted for 55% of the region to promote and encourage qualified 50Mbps, 100Mbps high-bandwidth access services, and promote user online experience continue to improve.
Li Keqiang urged to "put the network speed," "lower network costs."
According to Chinese government network news, on April 14, held a quarterly economic situation in the forum, Li Keqiang urged the parties to "put the network speed," "down network costs."
For current situation of China's information infrastructure construction, Li said: "I said before, behind the information infrastructure of China, we own very difficult to imagine." According to the assessment of the International Telecommunication Union, China ranked in the world's In the 80 later. The Prime Minister said, "increase the information infrastructure, improve network bandwidth, we have great potential in this regard, space is also great. Participants of relevant experts and make speeches these entrepreneurs to take home, seriously."
The next prime minister position, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology official microblogging micro newspaper@@MIIT announced that in order to better implement the important instructions of Premier Li Keqiang, the Ministry will increase this year's broadband special operations "to speed up the construction of 4G," " boost efforts to promote the network speed "and other key work, so that people faster access, more favorable prices.
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