IDC: 2020 Years in networking market size will increase to $ 1.7 trillion

2015-06-05 00:25:56

Market research firm IDC recently said that the global networking market capitalization by 2020 will grow to $ 1.7 trillion, the figure in 2014 was $ 655.8 billion. IDC also said things more and more devices in the market to play a role through online mode, while a number of platforms and services will gradually grow based online mode.

IDC also predicted that by 2020, global Things endpoints (such as all connected devices as automobiles, refrigerators and exist in the matter within the cluster) to over 29.5 million, the figure in 2014 was 10.3 million.
By 2020, the equipment, connectivity and IT services are expected to occupy the global networking market, the main share of which alone will be accounted for in terms of corresponding equipment 31.8% of total networking market. As the global market more mature things, specific purpose platforms, storage devices, security, application software, and revenue created by "service" will occupy more market share of total revenue.
IDC forecast released data also show that in 2014 the Asia-Pacific region was created by the networking market revenue share of the global share of about 58.3%, while in 2020 dropped slightly to 51.2 percent. Things IDC research member Vernon - Figure Seoul that (Vernon Turner) in an interview with reporters pointed out that in China, more and more people use mobile phones, which will stimulate the domestic mobile phone industry more efficient development. On the other hand, these trends will also stimulate new equipment and the introduction of new networking standard. In addition to China, South Korea and Singapore and other countries will also strengthen its own smart city-building.
By 2020, North America will remain of Things market revenue share of more than 26% of total global proportion unchanged; the above ratio from 12 percent in Western Europe rose to about 19.5%.