Optical fiber China mature market

2015-04-27 04:30:32

Market research firm CRU has ceased to fall into category of emerging market of China. After 6 years of continuous growth, China's optical fiber market is very mature in 2014, shipments account for nearly half the world.

A few days ago, statistics showed CRU 2014 global optical fiber shipments amounted to 296 million core km, an increase of 13%. That data had been expecting slightly lower compared to the core-more than 300 million km.

CRU said the fibre's main growth area is in emerging markets, such as Africa and Southeast Asia. Which led directly to the cable trade volume grew 29% compared to the global market.

China is no longer assigned to the fibre category of emerging markets. Analysts expect huge fiber shipments in 2015, China will take place in 2014 on the basis of a modest increase.

It is understood that the 2014 mobile theater production of 60 million core km optical fiber, which gave the industry a booster dose. This year, China Telecom and China Unicom, are set to increase capital spending and to rapidly expand its network of FDD, in addition to directly generate demand for fiber base station interconnection, as well as driven backbone network, new and upgrade of transmission networks, which will sustain China's optical fiber market boom.

However, the current fiber industry in China, there are some problems such as overcapacity. Fiber manufacturers have begun to open up overseas markets in China. It can be predicted that in the coming years, or the rapid rise of Chinese manufacturers, major cable providers in emerging markets.