2015 How to solve a serious excess capacity fiber-optic cable problem

2015-05-25 20:03:12

 2014, as the Internet, the vigorous development of mobile Internet, data center and cloud computing services rapidly emerging as the main carrier of communication infrastructure network, China's optical fiber and cable industry has ushered in rapid development, and the "broadband China" strategy gradually floor, LTE licensing and deployment of 100G, let optical fiber and cable industry concern to the industry.

Optical fiber and cable demand remains strong, domestic competition has been set
2014 global shipments of optical fiber and cable continuation of the previous growth momentum, market research firm CRU statistics show that in 2014 the demand for more than 285 million cable core kilometers, the global optical fiber shipments over 300 million core km domestic fiber optic cable demand reached 141 million core km total global demand of 50% of the total cable. 2014 China ushered 4G network construction boom, domestic optical fiber and cable companies ushered in a good opportunity for development.
Domestic optical fiber and cable demand remains strong, and demand is mainly focused on operators, China Mobile in May last year released a 2013 fiber optic cable Jicai successful results, in which ordinary cable purchasing size of about 51.12 million core km; G.652D fiber procurement scale about 60.97 million core km. China Telecom launched last September 2014 outdoor cable, fiber, drop cable Central Purchasing butterfly demand are expected to be 21.5 million core km, 22 million core km, 800,000 core kilometers. China Unicom followed, in November last year was officially launched in 2014 Central Purchasing prequalification optical fiber and cable, fiber optic G.652D Central Purchasing, G.657A2 fiber and other six categories, although this time the Central Purchasing an undisclosed amount, but According to industry sources, the total amount of fiber optic cable Central Purchasing China Unicom and China Telecom or less, and close to the total sum of the two Central Purchasing China Mobile.
Optical fiber market continued to boom last year, so that a few large companies, life's pretty good, is evident from the performance. Hengtong Photoelectric first three quarters of 2014 total revenue of 7.066 billion yuan, an increase of 16.29%; net profit of 249 million yuan, an increase of 30.54%. FiberHome first three quarters of 2014 achieved revenues of 7.561 billion yuan flames of communication, an increase of 10.08%; net profit of 365 million yuan, down 6.64 percent. Ding photoelectric three quarters of 2014, total revenue of 2.144 billion yuan, an increase of 3.35%; net profit of 128 million yuan, down 11.39 percent.
China's optical fiber and cable industry has made great progress, in 2014 China's global optical communications fiber optic cable of the most competitive companies in the top 10 list, ranking first in Corning, a long fly, prosper, the flames of communication, Fortis were ranked second, 4,6,7 name. From the fiber optic cable product capacity situation, demand for optical fiber and cable products of domestic production of 98%, CCID Consulting data show that long fly, prosper, Fortis, flames, ding, transit accounted for the entire domestic production capacity fiber optic cable yield 70% to 80% of capacity, domestic competition fiber optic cable has been set, supply and market focused on the above six major companies.
Optical fiber capacity issues or areas will spread to the optical fiber preform
In recent years, driven by the construction of large-scale communication needs of optical fiber and cable industry has developed rapidly, has been formed from a fiber preform to a complete industrial chain and cable products, optical fiber and cable industry has fully matured. However, the market demand continues to grow, the temptation under multiple advantages of economies of scale, fiber manufacturers continue to expand production, cable manufacturers also have to enter the optical fiber product line expansion, overcapacity can not stop the momentum. According to the relevant expected, 2013 China's optical fiber overcapacity of 50% in 2014 with an annual capacity expansion continues, the Chinese market demand for optical fiber was 140 million core kilometers, production capacity reached 240 million core km, there have been a serious surplus. For example, a manufacturer of fiber optic cables war production capacity exceeded 30 million core km, while ding photoelectric currently has 20 million to 30 million core kilometers of fiber production capacity.
Overcapacity is optical fiber and cable industry heat topic. China has a very large body mass market, continued rapid growth is not realistic. Looking ahead, the manufacturers will not cut capacity, but seek more powerful scale advantages, offset the loss of profits fiber Central Purchasing falling prices brought about this current situation of overcapacity inevitably will continue.
It is understood that the profit ratio upstream raw material fiber preform, optical fiber, optical cable is about 7: 2: 1. In order to gain more profit, fiber enterprises to expand production capacity at the same time start the production of optical fiber preform production work. The first half of 2014, subject to the impact of optical fiber preform positive effect of anti-dumping investigations, the domestic optical fiber preform imports increased from 23 per cent in 2013 to 19% at present, a long fly, Fortis, flames, transit, and other domestic companies prosper We have been able to apply to the output of optical fiber preform and fiber production. Optical fiber preform production capacity to meet domestic demand, but also means that excess capacity or will spread to the field of optical fiber preform, this year will be the key to solving the problem of excess production capacity fiber optic cable of the year.
Core technology+ to broaden the market square solution overcapacity problem
To avoid falling into homogeneous competition predicament, optical fiber and cable industry structure optimization, competitive differentiation is imperative, increase research and development of core technology is imminent; the implementation of international development strategy, breaking the emerging market space also solve China's optical fiber effective way cable overcapacity problems.
Last year, demand for optical fiber and cable for each region of the world are showing strong growth, particularly in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, India and Southeast Asia and other emerging markets. To open up overseas markets are China fiber makers from large to strong only way, in fact, there are already a number of leading vendors into action. For example Hengtong Photoelectric early in 2013 proposed "555 international strategy", requiring years to over 50% of the international market, more than 50% of international capital and more than 50% of international talents; the flames of communication goal is "ten five "during the International markets accounted for 30 percent, and last year in Ecuador to build Latin America's largest cable factory.
Over the years, the domestic optical fiber and cable industry has been catching up with technological capabilities United States, Japan, Korea and other countries in recent years, although the gap has narrowed, but still need to face up to the distance between the two. For ultra-low loss optical fiber technology and traditional fiber rods completely different, Corning is currently only one company realized the existing network applications ultra low loss optical fibers, optical fiber production enterprises in our country is still in the field of technology research and development stage. However, from the practical demands of the operator's point of view, low loss optical fiber has a more obvious theoretical advantages in terms of network deployment cost control, but the lack of domestic industry chain technology in the field, but also makes the status of the deployment of ultra-low-loss optical fiber remains We will continue to be delayed.
Optical communications experts Mao Qian pointed out that China's optical communications industry in the lack of core technology, the industry chain is still inadequate, and many current optical fiber coating products and manufacturing processes still need to import. Although domestic enterprises have gradually fiber optical fiber preform production, thus breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and price, but the optical fiber preform supply of raw materials and technology to a large extent subject to foreign outsourcing layer, so the industry profit margin of 10% to 20% wandering, affecting the development of the fiber optic industry.
In order to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, fiber industry need to optimize the industrial structure, expanding profit margins upstream optical fiber preform; improve the innovation ability, adhere to different development path, refine business diversified products; improve the industrial chain upstream and downstream facilities to improve the industry overall level of competition; continuously expand overseas markets, before gradually solve the overcapacity problem.
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